Siena Heights Student Athletes Earn 2.94 GPA in the Fall Semester

Siena Heights Student Athletes Earn 2.94 GPA in the Fall Semester

610 Siena Heights student athletes earned a 2.94 GPA in the fall semester of 2018.

Leading the way in the classroom was the women's volleyball team with a 3.54 GPA, followed by the women's soccer team with a 3.49 GPA, and the softball team with a 3.46 GPA.  Rounding out the top five was the women's bowling team with a 3.31 GPA, and the women's track and field team with a 3.18 GPA.

Nine of the ten women's teams earned a 3.0 GPA or higher, with an aggregate GPA of 3.18.  On the men's side, the men's cross country team led the way with a 3.05 GPA followed by the men's soccer team with a 2.99 GPA, and the baseball team with a 2.98 GPA.  The men's aggregate GPA for the semester was a 2.78 GPA.

With the two Co-Ed sports, the dance team earned a 3.00 GPA while eSports earned a 2.61 GPA.  The aggregate for the Co-Ed teams was a 2.86 GPA.

The cumulative GPA for all Siena Heights student-athletes over the course of their academic careers stands at 3.06 overall.  Leading the way on the overall career GPA is the women's golf team, 3.50 GPA, softball, 3.48 GPA, and women's soccer, 3.43 GPA.  The women's cumulative career GPA is 3.25, the men's cumulative career GPA is 2.93, while the Co-Ed sports cumulative career GPA is 3.13.

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