2018-19 Siena Heights Esports Roster

Game Name Game
Cian Bailey Mathis full bio Cian Bailey Mathis Game Name: DukeofHam Game: Overwatch Cl.: Fr.
Aaron Bitz full bio Aaron Bitz Game Name: Rocket League Game: AKA Young Man Cl.: Jr.
Irac Chaney full bio Irac Chaney Game Name: Reptoknight Game: Overwatch Cl.: Sr.
Oriana Dries full bio Oriana Dries Game Name: LadyLuck Game: Overwatch Cl.: Fr.
Lena Dunn full bio Lena Dunn Game Name: eggyteenager Game: Overwatch Cl.: Fr.
Alexa Howard full bio Alexa Howard Game Name: Hollywood Game: Overwatch Cl.: Sr.
Benjamin Hubbell full bio Benjamin Hubbell Game Name: Bhubbs Game: Hearthstone Cl.: Fr.
Dylan Keck full bio Dylan Keck Game Name: Kind of Cakes Game: Rocket League Cl.: Fr.
Nicholas Keck full bio Nicholas Keck Game Name: Affordable Thor Game: Rocket League Cl.: Fr.
Steven Knapp-Koch full bio Steven Knapp-Koch Game Name: sk1091 Game: Overwatch Cl.: So.
Robert Milton full bio Robert Milton Game Name: Rizzan Game: League of Legends Cl.: So.
Luis Perez full bio Luis Perez Game Name: rmk Game: League of Legends Cl.: Jr.
Keith Reid full bio Keith Reid Game Name: Kdisaster Game: League of Legends Cl.: Jr.
Alex Robertson full bio Alex Robertson Game Name: The Dreamwalker Game: League of Legends Cl.: Fr.
Brent Rodden full bio Brent Rodden Game Name: GodlyBRod Game: Rocket League Cl.: Sr.
Benjamin Sunderman full bio Benjamin Sunderman Game Name: Weylin97 Game: Overwatch Cl.: Sr.
Adam Turnbow full bio Adam Turnbow Game Name: Hwat Game: Overwatch Cl.: Fr.
Devan Whaley full bio Devan Whaley Game Name: Desiratus Game: League of Legends Cl.: Sr.