Brad Geiersbach
Brad Geiersbach
Title: Volunteer Assistant Coach for League of Legends

Brad Geiersbach is a Siena Heights University alumni that graduated with a Bachelors of applied Science in Diagnostic Medical Sonography in August of 2017. He is currently employed as a vascular technologist at the University of Michigan Health systems.

He started games began pretty early in his life. He got an original Xbox for his birthday in 3rd grade and started out playing Halo combat evolved, his interest for competitive gaming began. He and his friends started a team and started to compete on Gamebattles and did fairly well. In 2012 they all built PCs and my friend recommended a game called League of Legends.

Brad started playing League of Legends in season 2 and was placed Silver. In season 6 he peaked in platinum and decided to try out for a team. He is currently on a Diamond 4/3 team with some of those original players.  He has been competing in leagues over the past 3 years. He has yet to win 1st place in a league, but all of the leagues he has competed in they have either made it to at least the quarter finals or lost to the championship team early in the bracket; 2nd place being the highest they have reached.

Over the past year he has been looking to do a little bit more and get more invested in league. He started with coaching other players just to help them improve, after a couple months of individual coaching he moved on to team coaching. He currently coaches a gold team and co-coaches a platinum team, all while still playing for his own Diamond team. All of his free time is pretty much devoted to league. He is excited to be on board here and to actually utilize all of the information I’ve been gathering about league over the past 7 years and put it to good use here at Siena.